#HouseOfPeace | Wednesdays at 8. What a powerful night of prayer! The Lord is moving in this place! Something BIG is coming! Lord, I thank you! I give you all the honor and glory! Thank you JESUS! Thank you for the fire you have placed in my womb. Lord! I want to birth out what YOUR WILL is! @tinalovesjesus22 @__lovetillyoudie @bee1228 @jon.28 @kennytoliv @violentgirldee @michid_loca @god_regins @dianna_hichez #KingJesusYOUTH (at House Of Peace 🙏)

    This is why you don’t prophesy marriages in the name of JESUS. 😂 @tinalovesjesus22 @violentgirldee @jon.28 
    @-god-regins @michiD_loca @__lovetillyoudie @bee1228 @ruth_lassack @dianna_hichez @kennytoliv #INSTADRAMA @churchoflaugh (at House Of Peace 🙏)

    When the pastor releases the prophetic 😂 @tinalovesjesus22 @violentgirldee @__lovetillyoudie #HouseOfPeace #PropheticWord #ChurchPeopleBeLike @churchoflaugh (at 😂)

    Meanwhile at King Jesus… #CGC2014 (at 👑🙏)

    "Ain’t a real party les the Holy Ghost there! 👻" #ChristiansBeLike #ChurchBeLike #YouthConference #CGC2014 (at JUMP IN THE RIVER! 🌊)

    DAY UNO | #CGC2014 | #JumpInTheRiver #VIOLENTMOVEMENT | @tinalovesjesus22 @__lovetillyoudie @dianna_hichez @violentgirldee @ricky.bravo @jon.28 @kennytoliv @violentboyz (at M i a m i 🌴)

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