#MondayNightGloryCall 🐀
    For those that missed out, check out the tweets. @theglorycall

    β€’ Desire can light a fire but only DUTY can keep it burning. β€’

    Be prepared for the fire of God to rain down! Because in an ocean of sorrow, in an ocean of tears, GOD sends down his fire. #AllConsumingFire #TheGloryCall (at Tweet Tweet 🐣)

    | #HouseOfPeace |
    Tonight is a night to leave the worries of this world and just worship him in spirit and in truth.
    8 PM.
    Bring a friend.
    @tinalovesjesus22 @__lovetillyoudie @im_a_realist_ @violentgirldee @erika_bernal15 @ruth_lassack @kenny_to_live @jon.28 @dianna_hichez @bee1228 #MakeHisNameKnown #JESUS (at House Of Peace)

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