To Adam. From Eve.

    You are the key to my innermost secrets.
    How you know me & you adore me
    Even at my weakest.
    You are the key to the door
    Behind it lies such treasure
    A covenant between two souls
    one that GOD has brought together.
    That means…
    I am no longer me
    For I was woven out of you
    “Bone of my bone”
    GOD is writing a story
    He plans to speak life to.
    You see,
    We will be brought together in GOD’s presence
    Just as Eve was brought to Adam while he was asleep.
    I shall find you as you dream,
    My purpose?
    To birth out what you seek.
    How God painted us beautifully!
    Crafted as his work of art.
    I, your Eve, made from your RIBS
    Because I was made to protect your heart.
    - Stephanie Moreno

    ATTENTION: If you ever need someone to do the voices of a dinosaur please contact @ashleespaceprincess. Her talents have been featured on #JurassicPark as well as other Dino related movies. She is mostly known for her #velociraptor impression. #SnapChat

    Psychotic people with creepy laughs part I. @ashleespaceprincess @k8tlynnm (at #ServerLife )

    1 Peter 4:8 | “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.”

    Let’s choose to love MORE.
    So many people have their own definition of love but TRUE LOVE is the CROSS! Love is unconditional!
    Love is a decision, a choice to love someone even when you don’t feel like it. Love is CHRIST!
    Love is forgiving! Love is SUPERNATURAL! Love can restore hearts! Love is SELFLESS! Love is loving someone without expecting love in return. God loves us yet we reject him! He doesn’t turn away!
    ❤️Love rejoices in truth (1 corinthians 13:6) ❤️LOVE is gentle, patient, and humble (Ephesians 4:2)
    ❤️PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR (1 john 4:18-19)
    Love is war. My friends let us learn to truly love one another. Let us go and share the gospel of hope so that the nations may know WHO love is. #LoveIsJesus #throwbackMusic #MichaelBublesVersionIsBetterThough #Love #BIBLICALLove #WordOfTheNight #SpreadTheGospel (at 💙)

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